What If Review: A fun watch especially for MCU fans

What If Review: A fun watch especially for MCU fans

Cast: Jeffrey Wright, Haley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Chadwick Boseman, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L Jackson

Director: Bryan Andrews

Stars: ****/5

As humans, there are many times that we sit back and ponder what if we would have made different choices in the course of life. What If I had not studied engineering and pursued my dream of becoming a standup artist What If I would have stuck around with that job for a little longer? or started my business sooner? At every given time, we have numerous choices ahead of us and we make the choices that we believe at that moment and that decides the course of our life. A change in any of these decisions can dynamically impact all other decisions and even how our life pans out. The recent series by Marvel, What If... dwells on this concept.

What if instead of Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter had taken the Super Soldier Serum? What if T’Challa became Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill? What If Tony Stark was to die shortly after becoming Iron Man and for that matter, Hawk Eve and Thor also meet the same fate? 

Some questions draw intrigue and curiosity, while some are scary propositions. This is exactly what the series also deals with.  

In the first episode of the series, we see what happens after ‘Peggy’ Carter take the supersoldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. Instead of Captain America, Carter becomes Captain Carter. That also changes things dynamically for her as she has to tackle Hydra and the Nazis but also has to face sexism in the military for being the only woman ‘in the room’ during World War 2. It also deals with what happens to Peter and his dream of serving the nation. 

The second episode is a tribute to Chadwick Boseman and a fitting one. 

All the episodes of What If are bound together by the Watcher. He is described in the series as an all-seeing narrator of the billion universes. He can only watch as things take their course but he cannot and will not interfere, no matter what happens.  Almost reminded me of the Mahabharat from the B.R Chopra universe where every episode with start with "Mai Samay hoon" (I am time). The voice-over for Watcher is given by celebrated actor Jeffrey Wright.

While the animation in the series is class apart, there is a part of you that wants to see the real characters instead of the animated series. Having watched so many of the movies of the universe and a full series of Loki, one can almost see the actors in these animated characters. 

If you love the Marvel Universe, then this is a series that is an absolute must-watch for you. It consists of nine episodes of 30 minutes each and is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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