Consider Forming A Panel For CET Question Paper Preparation: Bombay High Court to Maharashtra

HC suggests the formation of a committee of members from different boards to prepare the CET paper.

Consider Forming A Panel For CET Question Paper Preparation: Bombay High Court to Maharashtra

As reported by the PTI, the Bombay High Court on Wednesday asked the Maharashtra government to consider curating a committee whose members will be from different education boards to cumulatively prepare a common paper for the forthcoming CET.

Justices R D Dhanuka and R I Chagla asked the state government’s counsel to take instructions on, if the said suggestion can be implemented and if a solution can be found.

This hearing comes in light due to a petition filed by an ICSE board student and other intervention applications, questioning the Government Resolution (GR) of 28 May, that stated how the first-year junior college admissions will be conducted based on the CET.

In an earlier hearing, the bench elaborated on how the state cannot select syllabus for students who aren’t from its board and thus suggested that individual boards should be allowed to decide their syllabus.

On Wednesday, the state government’s counsel mentioned to the court that this cannot be possible, adding that the IB Board, apart from the ICSE and CBSE board wanted to be litigated as a party as well. The counsel said how all the different boards will want their own syllabus in the exam, which will lead to chaos.

The court thus mentioned that the state needed to devise a solution so that students aren’t at a disadvantage. Therefore, the court suggested the formation of a committee with members from different boards, to set questions with options for the students.

The committee could make a common paper that incorporates many subjects, with students given a choice to select those questions of subjects, related to their boards. The judiciary has asked for a response in this regard by August 4, to the government.   

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