Hindi and Urdu primary medium schools witnessing highest number of admissions

In comparison to Hindi and Urdu, Marathi primary medium schools have witnessed dip in admissions

Hindi and Urdu primary medium schools witnessing highest number of admissions

Under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education or Right to Education Act (RTE), it is the local government institutions' responsibility to provide primary education to the students of the age group from 6 to 14. Initially, these institutions used to provide education to students until fourth grade but now, it has increased to eighth grade.

However, in the last academic year, Marathi, English, Gujarati, and Telugu medium schools saw a drop in admissions for both fifth and eighth grade.

Classrooms for fifth grade were opened in seven schools. In this, a total number of 399 students were enrolled and four classrooms were added in Urdu medium schools. Here, around 259 children took admission and in Hindi medium schools, 55 students secured admission.

Amongst 125 schools, eighth grade was started in 25 Marathi medium schools, in which 2793 students secured admission. Meanwhile, in 30 Hindi medium schools, 8008 students took admission for eighth grade.

In 18 Urdu medium schools, 5523 students secured admission and in eight English medium schools, 4298 students secured admission.

According to the report, the number of children securing admission in Hindi and Urdu medium schools is increasing, but the same is decreasing in Marathi mediums schools.

100 primary schools- Introduced eighth grade

152 classrooms were thrown open in 116 primary schools

37 classrooms for fifth grade while 153 classrooms for eight grade were introduced

6 classrooms for fifth grade and 24 classrooms for eighth grade

7 classrooms for fifth grade and 103 classrooms for eighth grade were introduced