IIT-B student reports sexual harassment case against a senior

The accused senior has allegedly sexually harassed 15 juniors on the campus over the period of 6-7 months


On June 10, 2018, a student of IIT-Bombay alleged that he was sexually assaulted by a senior student and posted the same on social media. The student whom he has accused, graduated this year. The victim complained that when he approached the authorities, they didn’t pay any attention, because of which the student took out his rage on IIT Bombay Diaries-CONFESSIONS page on Facebook.

The complainant mentioned in his post that the accused senior had sexually harassed 15 juniors on the campus over the period of 6-7 months.

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After the student graduated, the complaints gathered momentum on social media with alleged victims posting about molestation at the hands of the student on a social media page, IIT Bombay Diaries-Confessions. Thereafter, many other students came out with similar molestation complaints on the same page.

Who was the accused?

The accused senior used to manage the institution’s famed cultural festival Mood Indigo. Along with this, Dean of State Affairs Saumya Mukherjee had selected him as a mentor to freshers as part of the Institute Student Mentor Program (ISMP). As per the officials, he used to guide students regarding academics. According to the complainant, here he first interacted with the senior.

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The senior initially exchanged messages and then called him to his room and molested him. When the complainant filed his complaint, no action was taken. After 3-4 months, a meeting was held over the alleged incident. Post the meeting, the Dean impeached the accused from his position as IMSP mentor and revoked all his official certificates.

When Mumbai Live tried speaking to Dean Soumyo Mukherji, he said that he was on leave and doesn’t know about the incident.

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