Undergraduate medical and health science exams in Maharashtra to be held from June 10

This is the third time the exams for these students have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Confirming the revised dates, the body has informed that the exams will be conducted from June 10 to June 30, 2021.

Undergraduate medical and health science exams in Maharashtra to be held from June 10

Coronavirus cases are increasing across the country and while the number of cases have reduced in Maharashtra, the state is still fighting the virus. However, despite the pandemic, the government has decided to conduct the examinations for medical students. Sharing more information about the same, state's Medical Education Minister Amit Deshmukh said conducting online exams for the students will not be possible, and the court has not approved the same. Keeping this in mind, the students and parents should understand this matter and focus on the preparations for the exams.

Assuring them, he also said that the health and safety of the students will be taken care of. A statement was issued in this regard, whereby he added that restrictions have been imposed in the state till June 1, 2021, due to the pandemic, and hence, the board has decided to postpone the examination of Maharashtra for the medical students to June 10, 2021. Exams will not be conducted on June 2, 2021, as planned earlier.

This is the third time these exams are being postponed in Maharashtra. Minister Deshmukh earlier mentioned that the  exams would be held in June 2021

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Reports state that several students have demanded that the exams to be canceled, postponed or taken online. But responding to the same, officials said that the students in the field of medicine will son become doctors and will have to take care people's health, and keeping certain criteria in mind, it is not advisable to cancel exams or conduct them, especially for those who will responsible to work in such an important field.

It is reported that even the Central Regulatory Board does not approve of the same and the High Court has also rejected the matter. Hence, it has been mandatory to take the exam. 

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Considering this decision, the body has appealed to the dean, principals and professors of the medical colleges to guide the students as well as their parents and motivate them for the examination. 

Amit Deshmukh further mentioned that the exams were held successfully last year during the pandemic and students passed the same. These were held under a safe environment. Following the same, officials have been told to take over similar preparations, thereby provide full safety to the students.

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