19 blind actors, one astounding play

    vile parle
    19 blind actors, one astounding play
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    Vile Parle- 'Sky is the limit' adage goes right for these 19 artists who despite being blind, performed a brilliant play titled ‘Apurva Meghdoot’.Their acting, their movements, all was praiseworthy. This play was performed at Dinanath Naytagruh of Vile Parle. The play was written by Ganesh Dighe and was produced by Rahsmi Pandhare and Veena Dhole. Marathi celebs had also come to witness this astounding play. This play is based on Kalidas’s masterpiece ‘Meghdoot’.

    Rashmi Pandhare who found the 'Savitri Forum' thought of doing something different for blind students. “I am very happy with the response we got. We do a lot of activities with this children. Doing this, we thought of doing something different for these children. I love plays and so do children. When I gave them the idea of performing in a play, they loved it," she said.    

    "Since last year, we were practicing for this play. I am glad that I got to act in this play. I want people to love it," said Pravin Palkhe, actor. Blindness did not deter their confidence and they proved that blind can do wonders.

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