Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak dies by suicide at her home in Dahisar

She took to Facebook on August 1, 2020, to share her worries and spoke about being cheated and not being able to trust anyone. As per reports, Anupama has left a note.

Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak dies by suicide at her home in Dahisar

Anupama Pathak, a Bhojpuri actress, allegedly dies by suicide, on August 2, 2020, at her home in Dahisar, Mumbai. She was 40 and from Purnea District in Bihar. She moved to Mumbai and worked in Bhojpuri films and TV shows. A day before committing suicide, Anupama took to Facebook to share the news of being cheated and not able to trust anyone.

In her video on Facebook, on August 1, she spoke about distrust, problems, and not having friends who can be of help. She said that people will make fun and disrespect you, and it was not worth sharing worries. The message was shared in Hindi. 

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Police have registered the complaint and are further conducting an investigation regarding the matter. Reports also state that she has left a suicide note, which talks about not getting her investment of INR 10,000 back from a Malad-based Wisdom Producer Company. Furthermore, she alleged that a person named Manish Jha did not return the two-wheeler which he borrowed during the coronavirus lockdown.

Earlier today, on August 6, TV actor Sameer Sharma also committed suicide at his home in Malad. His body was found hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen. The security guard of the building informed the police regarding the same.

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