Salman Khan’s Tubelight needed a better ‘starter’ to burn bright. Disappointing!


Even if we shout ‘jal jaa, jal jaa’… I believe this Tubelight has nothing interesting and entertaining enough to keep it burning bright, for long.

Bollywood’s Bhaijaan, Salman Khan, is known to give the best eidi (eid gift) to his fans every year. The date is blocked for the mega star, as he releases his film every year and for the last few years, his films have been minting money at the box office, making him a phenomenon in the film world. Last year, he released Bajrangi Bhaijaan and brought together a flavor of Indo-Pakistan’s love and emotion. This year, he moves towards the east, giving us a taste of Indo-China relationship.  But despite the strong concept, the film falls flat and yes, Salman is also to be blamed for it!

Here’s the breakdown of the film….

What impressed…

  • The film is based on 3 strong messages and it’s good to have them.
    • Set in the 1960s, depicting the indo-china war and relations, and sharing the message of love and peace, comes across well, throughout the film.
    • There is also a focus on the relationship with a sibling, which the emotional aspect of Tubelight.
    • Salman Khan’s character - Laxman Singh Bisht - is a humble, gullible man, who lives with the only principle of having confidence to achieve anything. This would impress the kids, especially.
  • The location of the film is beautiful. Shot in Ladakh, the backdrop is breathtaking and once again, will add Ladakh on the must travel list for many
  • Julius Packiam’s score and Pritam’s songs add a lot of value to the film. They add the perfect emotions to the scenes. Good job on that!
  • The cast – everybody but Salman Khan – has delivered their role to the best.
    • Sohail Khan as the brother/army man does just what the character needs.
    • Matin Rey Tangu is innocent, sweet and adorable. He makes a mark with his debut! He should have been the star in the film and should have played the lead, fondly called tubelight.
    • Zhu Zhu (朱珠) as the mother is just okay, not remarkable though. Efforts appreciated. But, would we remember her after the film – Naah! However, having a popular Chinese actress in the film is a smart strategy to make (more) money in China, considering our recent films have made a mark there.
    • Late Om Puri’s character makes us nostalgic. His love for cinema translated in every role he played and it does here too. We miss him!

What did not impress…

  • Salman Khan’s character of a humble, gullible ‘Laxman Singh Bisht.’ But why?
    • He looks old, and in reality he is sort of!
    • The character was not for him – he is seen over-doing it, in some parts of the film. What if he had played a supporting role? Would it have been better? May be.
  • Kabir Khan’s direction is good, but not the screenplay and the dialogues. Both lack a lot entertainment quotient.
  • The screenplay is to the blamed as well. While the first half of the film strives to entertain you and the remaining struggles. Thanks to the songs, score and the supporting actors.

What should you do?

  • Celebrate Eid with friends and family at home, for it would be an expensive and a disappointing affair to watch this ‘Tubelight’ flicker and put everything off, on a special day.  


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