Dada Kondke lives on- in fans' hearts!

Dada Kondke lives on- in fans' hearts!

Mumbai- Krishna Kondke aka Dada Kondke was known for his hatke dressing sense and popular for his double entendre dialogues in movies.
Dada Kondke, a Marathi actor and film producer, was one of the most renowned personalities in the Marathi film industry. He was credited with introducing the genre of sex comedy to Marathi cinema as well as Indian cinema. He was born in a mill-worker's family in Naigaon in central Mumbai on Gokulashtami day, on 8 August 1932 and hence was named Krishna Dada Kondke. On 14 March 1998, he suffered a fatal heart attack at his residence.
In order to honour his contribution to cinema, Bharat Mata Theater in central Mumbai started exhibiting his films from March 2016. The audience has caught up with the initiative. “His films are fun and he was a unique actor. I enjoy watching his films. I am glad that his films are running in Bharat Mata theatre,” said one moviegoer.
His super hit films were ‘Andhla Maarto Dola’, ‘Tumcha Amcha Jamla’, ‘Yeu K aGharat’, ‘Aali Angavar’, ‘Ram Ram Gangaram’, and ‘Sasarcha Dhotar’. He was known for his straightforwardness, friendship with the Shiv Sena, and was not one to to care about the censor board. Dada Kondke is still alive in fans' hearts and his movies too.