Dada Kondke Smruti Award 2017 to take place on 19 March


The Dada Kondke Smirti Award is given in the memory of late Dada Kondke to artists and people who work tirelessly for the film industry. This year this awards ceremony will take place on 19 March. 

Krishna Kondke better known as Dada Kondke also held the Guinness record for the highest number of silver jubilee films, 9 to be precise.

Late Dada Kondke’s nephew Padmakar More and his wife Manik More kept Kondke’s films alive through Kamakshi Film Distributors. First nine years, the More couple gave out Dada Kondke Smriti Award but for the next eight years, this awards ceremony could not be organised. However, in 2016, the More family revived the awards and conferred it to senior actress Aasha Kale. On 19 March during the awards ceremony,  Dada's first film as producer ‘Songadya’ will also be showcased.

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