When Halle met Dia..

When two stunning actresses meet to discuss global warming, it's bound to get hot! Halle Berry meets Dia Mirza in Mumbai


Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry on her trip to India met with Dia Mirza at a closed event in Mumbai on Thursday. To everyone’s surprise, the Hollywood beauty posted a picture on Instagram which suggested her presence in Mumbai.

Take time to get lost today

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Caught a sunrise in Mumbai today

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The two women discussed cinema, climate change, children, Halle’s take on happiness and pay parity.

Here are a few pointers from the discussion

  • Both the actresses share love for the environment, nature and climate change was the focal point
  • Halle Berry admires Indian cinema and discusses Hollywood’s issue of pay parity and gender inequality
  • Both the actresses had to convince people that there was more to them than their looks during the initial years of their acting career
  • Halle Berry discussed her experience shooting for her 2002 movie ‘Dark Tide’ and how she had to deal with ‘Killer Sharks’

This was Halle’s first visit to India and we hope to see the Bond girl back some day in the future with a less discreet appearance.

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