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Leading actors from TV town talk about their first pay cheque

Leading actors from TV town talk about their first pay cheque

When you’re dream and hard work is rewarded at the end of every month, it feels great. It is quite known to most of us that getting the first pay cheque is very special and quite memorable. In an industry, where struggle and determination makes a mark, the first amount that one receives always creates a special place in life.

Ever wondered what was the first pay cheque amount of your favourite TV celebs? Well, we found some info about them and this is what they had to say…

Arjun Bijlani: My first pay cheque was for 750 rupees. When I got paid, I took my Mom to a restaurant.

Gunjan Utreja: The first amount I earnt was Rs.4,250. I earned it when I did my summer job for a brand, selling high-end security locks and other equipment for homes. I was thrilled to see the amount and wanted to spend all of it on my parents by buying them clothes. But my mom asked me to keep 10% of the same for charity and the rest my father deposited the same in a savings account. I haven't withdrawn money from that account ever. It's still intact there. My parents wanted to teach me few valuable lessons in saving money and also doing my bit for the society.

Ssharad Malhotraa: I got my first pay when I did my first print ad about 17 years back in Kolkata for leading Telecom Company. It got paid 2500 rupees and it made feel like the king of the world. Being a momma's boy, very obediently I handed it over to my mother. The entire family had a great feast.

Ankit Gera: I took a photocopy of my first pay cheque; it's still safe with me. I remember I had to travel to Kolkata for it, since there was a ramp fashion show with Peter England. It was my first assignment. I remember I got paid 4,000 while I spent 7,000 on flights! But it was very special for me. I gifted wireless headphones to my mother with that.

Shardul Pandit: I was a small child when I took painting classes as I had won a National Award. So, the kids used to come to learn from me and I earned some 600 rupees. With the money, I bought some cosmetics for my mom and a pen and for my dad. I was too young to know better on their anniversary.

Mrunal Jain: I gave the entire amount of my earning to my mother. My mother blessings are always with me.

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