Mother's Day: Celebs share the advice their mothers gave which has shaped them today


It's that time of the year, where you can pamper your mother the most. It's Mother's Day and its a special moment for the one who has given us everything in our lives. Popular celebs pour their heart out showcasing the love for their mother, and here are few who told us about the most valuable lesson they have learned from them, on being asked about what they learned as a kid from your mother that helped you to shape up your personality over the years.

Richa Chadha

My mother taught me the importance of being truthful and kind. She has got amazing resilience and undying faith in Providence. She's so optimistic and also the most well-read person I know. I guess I have taken a little bit of everything from her. 

Ali Fazal

I learned how to budget within our means. She taught me to survive in a world with and in a world without. I’ve never known a person like my mother. Resilient and headstrong to a point where she lives out a lifetime for love, honour, and pride than kneel before the turbulence of the time. She’s given me everything I have today, and all mine is hers now. 

Shweta Tripathi 

My interest in design started because of my mother, be it in music, dance, and everything creative. She taught me to see the world in a different light. I was always encouraged to do and follow what makes me happy as long as I was learning and growing. She retired as a teacher and post-retirement, she has started learning how to paint. And every time she sends me her new painting, I feel so happy. 

Pankaj Tripathi 

One thing that I have learned from my mother that helped me to shape up my personality is there is no option to truthfulness, honesty and hard work. Secondly, she taught me to not leave a single grain of food in your plate, asking me not to waste food and to eat everything served to you. Even at this stage of my life I am still following her lessons and will keep doing so. I only believe in sincerity, honesty and hard work. The reason for not leaving single grain on the plate was because we are a family of farmers and we know the hard work and efforts that go to grow a single rice grain and bringing the same grain from the field to home. We know the importance and value of food grain being a farmer. This is one of the reasons she taught us the value of food and not wasting it.

Sumeet Vyas

That no matter how grave the problem is, after a good meal, I can resolve it. The biggest gift my mom has given me is her ability to work hard, so hard, that even the universe would feel guilty if it didn’t give her what she wanted, and of course, to not make a big deal out of this

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Mother's Day: Celebs share the advice their mothers gave which has shaped them today