It should have been ‘Why Harry’ and not ‘Jab Harry' met Sejal

  • It should have been ‘Why Harry’ and not ‘Jab Harry' met Sejal

The best part of the film is where Harry asks Sejal “What are we doing here?” and she replies saying “Khatam karte hain iss drame ko,” and by the end of 2+ hours, I and many others couldn’t agree more. So would you…

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Aru Verma and Evelyn Sharma

Rating: 2/5

What King Khan is to romance, Imtiaz Ali is to romantic story telling. His films have had a modern thought which relates to what today’s lifestyle and generation feels about relationships, lives, commitments and more. Ali’s recent film, Jab Harry met Sejal, starring Shah Rukh and Anushka Sharma is once again about a relationship and wanting that someone, something in life to share the moments and happiness with. But sadly, the storytelling falls flat and boring this time, primarily due to a poor script, silly character sketches, and lame writing.
(As shown in the trailer).

One fine day Harry aka Harinder Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a tour guide in Europe, finishes a trip with a batch that hosts Sejal (Anushka Sharma) and her family. At the end of the trip, Sejal realises that she has lost her engagement ring, which has created a chaos in her life. She seeks Harry’s help to search the ring, and the Euro trip begins all over again, where they travel from one place to another in search of it, based on the clues she gets from her images and her sister. But somewhere during the journey, they help each other define the commitment they are looking for, eventually leading to a happy ending (quite predictable).

As I said earlier, it is the thought that is to be blamed. A film based on a ring, followed by illogical ideas, ending at a commitment and relationship, doesn’t really make sense. Despite the beautiful location and a highly capable cast; the film doesn’t make a mark. The first half of the film is decent, but as it progresses to the second, it gets slow, boring and highly predictable. The music and the score are mediocre and sadly does not add any benefit to the film. Both Shah Rukh Khan as Harry and Anushka Sharma as Sejal, are good in certain parts of the film.

Sejal’s desperate attempt to deliver the dialogues in ‘Hindi with a Gujarati accent’ seems desperate and forced. Do youngsters today speak like that? I’m sure not! And, especially for such characters, it is fine if this detailing is avoided. Harry’s character has the same issues. When he is frustrated and disgusted, he mutters something in Punjabi and Shah Rukh doesn’t deliver that part well at all. For the rest, he is the same as in other films. His comfort in Hindi makes us a bit comfortable in watching the character in this slow paced boredom.

To sum it up, the film has no entertainment value. It’s only worth hitting the screens if you want to get a glimpse of Europe in a few hundred bucks. Otherwise, skip it, for you’ll walk out with the same question I have – Why Harry met Sejal?

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