Here's why Netflix's 'Squid Game' is gaining popularity

The Korean drama has recently gained immense popularity with people across the globe can't stop talking about it.

Here's why Netflix's 'Squid Game' is gaining popularity

"Attention, all players, the first game is about to begin," this is the instruction that is given from a loudspeaker to all the 456 players as it marks the beginning of deathly games in Netflix's 'Squid Game'.

The show has recently gained immense popularity, with people across the globe who cannot stop watching or re-watching the show. It is the Korean drama at its very best - right from the gripping storyline, the actors, cinematography, dialogues and the set.

One is, however, compelled to think, what makes this nail biting blood fest so popular?

It is a dystopian story where 456 debt-ridden people play six childhood games, and whoever wins will get 45.6 billion. But what is at stake? Their life. You are dead if you cannot complete the game in the given time limit or fail to follow instructions.

Firstly, it's the set that is so aesthetic, unlike any other setting on television. The hall accommodates all the 456 debt-ridden players, and when they enter the stairs, it is soothing to the eyes. The exciting part is in each episode, when they are going to play different games, they enter a different arena.

What shocks the viewers is when in the first episode, 'Red Light, Green Light,' a participant breaks the rule and is shot dead. It is from hereon that everyone is hooked on the show and eagerly waits for what will happen next. Apart from this, multiple stories are going in the background and mind you, none of them is boring. 

Another intriguing factor about the show is that we are never known about the real identity of the men in red (soldiers wearing red and having a mask covering their face), and we are never told about the story of the frontman.

However, the real winners are the actors and the story that makes the squid game so popular. This show is something that one could have never imagined it to be and had never seen something like this before.

The actors have done a phenomenal job. They made you hate them and love them at the same time. What keeps you on your toes is that each character has some mystery with everyone facing financial problems, and to win the prize money, they are willing to kill each other.

We don't really know what to say about the player 001, and people who have watched the show can clearly understand why we think that way.

A minor spoiler - if you notice the wall closely of the hall in which the participants are staying, it actually has all the games printed on it! 

So, readers, do you think you can survive in the Squid Game?

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