Sonu Nigam proves his point, releases a video

    Sonu Nigam proves his point, releases a video
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    Up till now, whatever controversies that Sonu Nigam has been caught up in, the reason especially for the one revolving around the issue of Azaan, could not be any right. Where he had himself landing in a bit of hullaballoo for his tweet around Azaan, today the Twitterati woke up to the video he released showing that how the chants of the morning azaan is actually what everybody wakes up to every morning. He posted the video on Twitter with a caption that read ‘Goodmorning India’.

    ltr">Goodmorning India

    — Sonu Nigam (@sonunigam) April 23, 2017

    One can actually hear to the enchantments of the early morning azaan from the loudspeakers and it is very evident that the morning has just started to break since it’s still dark. And then came his next tweet.

    ltr">One day u'll all know, whtever I do wth my hair, is 2 wake up ppl from a slumber.

    — Sonu Nigam (@sonunigam) June 18, 2010

    Earlier as well the ace singer of Bollywood had posted his tweet that why should he be forced to wake up to the azaan especially when he is not a Muslim. He had made a number of tweets on how certain religious rituals are simply forced for no reason at all.

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