We want consumers to look at Sony SAB as the brand with a heart: Neeraj Vyas

Sony SAB's new brand philosophy 'Khushiyon Wali Feeling' aims to make the world a better place. Keeping the same in mind, the team recently launched three video campaigns which focus on spreading smiles and making a difference.

We want consumers to look at Sony SAB as the brand with a heart: Neeraj Vyas

The content offering on television has changed over the years and broadcasters have been experimenting their game by improving the brand philosophy that caters to a bigger issue, largely social. While the approach has worked with the campaigns, many channels have failed to make a mark with the shows.

But making its way to the top, by purely offering 'happiness' content is Sony SAB, which over the last few weeks (and years), has impressed the audience with shows which the entire family can watch, every day or over and over again. This is what has enabled them to garner eyeballs which are reflected in the strong growth numbers. With an aim to take a leap, the team has decided to take the 'happiness quotient' a notch higher, by redefining the philosophy. 

Keeping the core thought in mind, Sony SAB has launched a brand campaign that signifies this key change with a new tagline 'Khushiyon Wali Feeling' which is driven on the insight that 'jitni insaan ki khushi badhti hai, utni hee duniya mein insaaniyat bhi badhti hai.'

With this new brand philosophy, the channel will stand for a larger purpose in life, that of making people happy by bringing unforgettable moments and infinite experiences that lift the heart and free the minds of the viewers, in turn, making them better human beings. The team also released three 60 second TVCs. which creatively showcase the new brand tagline through relatable everyday instances which reinforce the fact that happiness begets humanity. 

Talking about the same, Neeraj Vyas, Business Head, Sony SAB, said, "We started this journey we believe we should do as a brand, for reasons which are beyond commercial purposes. I and my team have a role to play in the large diverse society. It is a small effort to try and find an identity and purpose for ourselves. Every brand has to have a reason for an objective and a reason to exist, which is differentiating. We have found our reason to exist, but in some way, we as a brand, want to make a difference."

Addressing the media with regards to redefining content and the offerings, he added, "When we closely look at the shows and content offering on TV today, we often wonder if this is what TV is going to be about and if only these kind of shows are going to be available for consumers. Honestly, we aren't the flag bearers of the change, but it is time, the content on TV shows change."

Adding more to what the industry needs to change immediately in the television sector, he said, "I believe this space needs to be seen from two perspectives - one is the rating lens as it is an integral part of the business, and the other is from the consumer front - who has the power today to buy you. This is something which we as the industry haven't seen for so many years, and took it for granted that we would be in people's homes. However, the reality has changed today, where all channels are not going to be chosen, at all homes. It's time to wake up to reality, and observe the big shift, and work on being relevant, as there will be limitations. Content today needs to be differentiated, relevant and more importantly 'meaningful.' The Indian consumer today is highly price-sensitive and will choose only if the channel/shows make meaningful emotional connect. Hence, going further, the mantra at Sony SAB, will be to be a 'meaningful emotional brand' for the consumer in the TV landscape because anything apart from that is not sustainable beyond."

 Keeping this in mind, we redefined by finding a purpose which is to make this world a better place, through our small way. Content henceforth is going to play a very different role, and we are observing the change across different mediums, and we have chosen our path. We aim to make the consumer a catalyst with the aim of 'paying forward.' This reflects our brand ideology of happiness and humanity. Our shows in the future will not be preachy, but be entertaining and meaningful. For us, consumer is the key, and we believe it is better to be distinctive and relevant. The time spent by them on our channel is high, and it is a qualifier to understand what and how much they want to see Sony SAB. Though our transformation has only been since the last few weeks/months, it is clear that we are here to stay. We are unique in what we do, and want our consumers to look at Sony SAB as a brand with a heart,"  he further added while sharing his thought on new shows, brand focus and the achievement of making it to the top on the TRP charts. 

The channel has also consistently engaged with the viewers through their on-ground activities, events and initiatives. Sharing a thought on how Sony SAB will bring a difference through this new ideology, Vaishali Sharma Marketing and Communications head (Sony SAB) said, "The ethos of the brand is to take a higher purpose in life. For years, Sony SAB has been a part of people's life making them happy. We are the brand and channel, which will always be with them. Our brand purpose is not just to campaign specific. We will engage and involve with this thought, make them a part of the brand purpose, through our on-ground and digital initiatives. We will choose our happiness ambassadors, every month thereby acknowledge and reward people for their efforts in bringing the change. We will focus on associating for several initiatives soon after the campaign is launched and reached the audience."

Conceptualised and shot by Boot Polissh films, the campaigns were launched on the channel recently, The idea behind the concept was to make videos with relatable characters and situations, and hence by weaving both together, the team has created three videos which have been well-appreciated by the audience.

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