TV celebs share their views about food

TV celebs share their views about food

Many in the world are sleeping empty stomach due to unavailability of food. Today, we come across people who are constantly begging for bread to feed. On the other hand, our behavior with the environment makes us question if the food that we eat is really hygienic? Or is it forcefully grown with pesticides and chemicals?

On the occasion of world earth day, TV celebs raise a voice against food wastage and food production. Here’s what some had to say…

Ripu Daman Handa: Being a chef I would like to talk about changes related to food. I think environment changes have really affected the food and its production. In fact it has affected drastically. May be it's because of natural calamities or may be human interference but it has affected the food quality and its quantity. I think our future food production totally depends on how well our society adapts to such environment changes and what new methods and innovations are made in accordance to the changes for the improvement.

Vahbiz Dorabjee: Instead of throwing your food scraps in the trash, compost them in a bin or a pile. After tending the pile for a few weeks, you'll have rich soil you can spread on your grass or use to make a delicious vegetable garden. The land around you will be healthier and more vibrant for your efforts.

Laksh: In malls people waste a lot of food so we ourselves should make sure we don't do it as 'Change starts from us' and a lot of plastic is used too. We should encourage eco-friendly crockery like paper plates, disposable cups, and glasses.

Giaa Manek: There are a lot of things to share about environment, but to start with I would raise my voice against food wastage which is seen most often also. Holding yourself accountable will do wonders for your resolve. It is necessary to not waste food and feed the ones in need. Also, I’d like to pass a message and say no to single use plastics for good.

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