TV town’s favourite comedian, Kapil Sharma, is now taken!

TV town’s favourite comedian, Kapil Sharma, is now taken!

Television’s favourite host and stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma has surprised his fans many a times over the last few years. Today, he surprised his fandom once again by sharing a picture of his girlfriend.

But the creative soul also shared the message with a teaser. He told his fans that he had something very beautiful to share in 30 mins.

The celebrity who rose to fame with his comedy chat shows had never spoken about his present or past relationships ever, though there were many speculations and rumours going around. This is the first time he has officially introduced his girlfriend to the world.

Ginni aka Bhavneeth Chatrarth and Kapil have known each other for the past few years and have tried to keep their relationship quite a secret. If closely noticed, Ginni has regularly shared moments with the family, hinting something special.

Nevertheless, TV town’s comedy king has finally announced the relationship. Is the wedding around the corner? Well, we all will have to wait for yet another surprise tweet from Kapil.

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