Varun- Alia birds of same feathers?

Varun- Alia birds of same feathers?
Varun- Alia birds of same feathers?
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Versova- We all are watching promos of Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya and the chemistry between Alia and Varun is simply amazing! Guess its working off screen too. It seems Varun is very impressed and influenced by his co-star’s IQ. 

It reflected at the time of recent BMC elections voting, when exasperated Varun said on tv news channel, that he voted ‘last year for 'Rajyasabha.’ After Varun said this, he was trolled on the social media. Trollers congratulated him on his ‘intelligence’. Varun then realized his blunder and tweeted apologizing for it saying it was a slip of tongue. But it was a bit too late for that as trollers had a field day pulling his leg.

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