Aarey is more valuable than all the infrastructure: Wildlife & ecology expert

Bitu Sehgal feels that all is not lost in case of Aarey. If we leave the forest alone it will be able to revive itself.

Aarey is more valuable than all the infrastructure: Wildlife & ecology expert

There has been a lot being said about the Aarey incident in which 2141 trees to make way for a car shed for Metro 3 (Colaba-Bandra-Seepz). For now, the Supreme Court has imposed a stay on this matter and clearly stated that there cannot be any felling of trees, till the matter is solved.

Bitu Sehgal, who is the founding editor of Sanctuary Asia, a wildlife and ecology magazine, talking about the cut trees said, "We are not just talking about trees. We are talking about the biosphere -- insects, plants and animals that make up the ecosystem. Without the biosphere, forests can't survive. It's time to go back to the future. Leave the forests alone, they will revive. He was talking on the sidelines of a book launch "A Walk On The Wild Side", a memoir in the form of a picture book by young conservationist and wildlife photographer Neel Soni.

Sehgal added, “Without the biosphere, there cannot be economic, food or water security. The loss of species due to the diminishing biosphere is driving climate change. "Forests are not just forests. They are more valuable than all the infrastructure that man can put together”.

The next hearing on the Aarey issue will be held on October 21. Activist and environmentalist continue to fight for the cause as Metro Authorities get all charged up to begin work in the area.