Civic apathy is killing Bandra talav

Civic apathy is killing Bandra talav
Bandra, Mumbai  -  

The Bandra Lake, better known as Bandra talav, is an iconic landmark, part of the historical heritage of the city. The nearly 200 year old lake was built by a Muslim. Its maintenance is now the BMC's responsibility but is the civic administration doing enough?

The lake needs beautification work so that it can become a popular hangout for the local residents. But the current sorry state of the lake means that it has become a joint for  dopers, drunkards and their ilk. Local residents say they have complained to the BMC several times about the bad condition of the lake and about the anti-social elements who have claimed it as their own.

The lake, where locals would once frequent for boating, often wears a deserted look. Will the BMC pay heed to the calls of this perishing lake?

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