Mumbai: Heatwave affects more than 100 birds and animals in just 16 days

Animals and birds are suffering from dehydration

Mumbai: Heatwave affects more than 100 birds and animals in just 16 days

The temperature has been rising continuously for the past few days and Mumbaikars are suffering immensely. Birds are also affected by the rising heat. Since April 1, more than 100 birds and animals have suffered from heatstroke in Mumbai, and about 10 birds are being admitted to the hospital every day. Due to increasing heat, the water in the body of birds decreases and they are injured by suddenly falling from the tree or while flying. Also animals are suffering from dehydration.

Since the beginning of April, the heat has increased in the state including Mumbai. So far 77 people have suffered from heat stroke. Like humans, birds and animals are also suffering from the heat. More than 100 birds and animals have suffered due to immense heat in Mumbai since April 1. This includes 40 cows and some dogs have suffered from dehydration. Around 58 birds have been injured. 

This includes 22 pigeons, 16 crows, one parrot, two mynas, 17 Black Kites. Bird lovers and volunteers found these birds dehydrated due to increasing temperature. Some of these birds have been injured by sudden falls from trees or while flying due to dehydration. These birds and animals were treated at the 'Di Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit for Animals' (Bail Ghoda Hospital) in Parel.

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Due to increasing heat, 10 to 12 birds are being admitted to the hospital for treatment every day. Birds suffering from dehydration are treated and released within two days. The manager of the hospital, Dr. Mayur Dangar, informed that the injured birds are being admitted for treatment for many days.

If the temperature rises in the future, the birds and animals are likely to suffer more. Therefore, water should be arranged on the roof and terrace of the house to provide water to the birds and to protect them, said Dr Mayur Dangar, Manager, Di Bai Sakerbai Dinshaw Petit for Animals.

Take care of animals like this

Keep animals indoors during summer as temperature rise affects them. If keeping them indoors is not possible, keep them in a shady place. Cages heat up in hot weather. Therefore, animals should not be kept in cages. Keep an eye on animal hygiene. Give them clean water to drink. Do not give water heated in the sun or unsanitary water to drink, as this can cause the animals to suffer from heatstroke, experts advise.

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