Plastic bottle crushing machine to generate revenue for Western Railways

The sustainable model planned by the railways will help generate revenue from both advertisements and plastic flakes. The motive will be environment friendly and will also assist the department with funding.

Plastic bottle crushing machine to generate revenue for Western Railways

The Railways department in Mumbai has finally found a way to crush plastic bottles used by the passengers travelling by trains or using the railway services. As per recent developments, a sustainable method will now be used to dispose of bottles using the plastic bottle crushing machines which will soon be installed at the railway stations across the city. 

It is said that the machine converts the same to plastic flakes, and this would serve beneficial for the department as it will generate a reasonable sum of money over the years. The current plan mentions that around 33 machines will be installed across the Western Railways' circuit in Maharshtra and few stations in Gujarat. The plan includes some stations between Marine Lines and Boisar, and stations like Bilimora, Surat, Udhna, Udvada, Umergaon, Vapi, Valsad, and Navsari.

Talking about the same, a senior official, in an interview with Mid-Day said, that the department is planning to install new machines which will acquired on a contract basis, where the objective will be to reduce the expenses and also make money through advertisements. Revenue will be generated both through display ads and plastic flakes, thereby serving the motive of saving environment and generating funds for the department.

So far, 17 machines have already been installed at many stations as a part of the CSR activity. Moreover, G G Engineering Ltd has also installed machines at 16 stations, and the activity was conducted since January 2021.

On the monetary front, the railways, using the 25 machines, has so far been successful in generating a revenue of INR 15,000 as license fees and INR 8.75 lakh from the contract. Meanwhile, once the new machines are installed, the department expects to earn over INR 26,000 as license fees and over INR 1.15 crore from savings.

Mid-Day received a confirmation regarding the same from Sumit Thakur, Western Railway Chief Public Relations Officer.

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