Toxic jellyfish spotted at Mumbai beaches

The State Government has advised Mumbaikars not to venture into sea owing to the presence of jellyfish


If you are planning to spend the weekend at Mumbai beaches, you might have to change your plans as the state government has issued an advisory asking people not to enter the sea as toxic jellyfish have been found at Girgaum and Juhu beaches in Mumbai.

The State Commissioner for fisheries Arun Vidhale said that the jellyfish have been pulled in along with the waves and added that the jellyfish stings the person who comes into its contact. He further said that it causes physical pain and that body part becomes red.

He said that the sting causes deafness or that particular part becomes numb. On the affected part, one should pour some vinegar and hot water. Vidhale added that if the pain persists, then they should seek medical advice.

It is believed that the jellyfish generally comes to the sea shore for reproduction.

Some interesting facts about Blue Bottle Jellyfish

  • Known as 'Portuguese Man of War' 
  • Gets the name from its resemblance to an 18th century armed sailing ship
  • The sting is painful and can prove deadly to humans as well as other marine life
  •  Pain can be unbearable and can last for up to three hours
  • They grow from 9 to 30 cms and can extend up to 15 cm above the water
  • Owing to its attractive shape, people would want to touch them
  • Commonly found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
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