Exclusive Interview With Rina Nathani Discussing Satva, Sustainable Activewear And Fashion

Satva is a brand of almost entirely organic athleisure wear, designed for women who want to be socially aware without sacrificing the fashionista within them

Exclusive Interview With Rina Nathani Discussing Satva, Sustainable Activewear And Fashion

Made using the highest-quality, non-GMO organic cotton, and natural, non-toxic dyes, Satva’s clothing is designed in modern silhouettes. Each piece the brand makes allows them to give back to the communities they source from, in keeping with the brand’s ethos of being uncompromisingly mindful. The Sanskrit word, Satva, is a state of mind in which the mind is steady, calm and peaceful. Satva means 'pure'. 

Through the brand's partnership with Suminter India Organics, an environmental and socially conscious organic cotton production corporation in India, they set out on a mission to create a symbiotic balance between people, planet, production, profits and social stewardship.

Considering the impact at every step to build a holistic, ethical and harmonious ecosystem that satisfies customers, supports the economic development of impoverished farming communities, and improves the global environment, the brand does offer something out of the normal. 

In an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live, Rina Nathani, Head – Global Retail, Suminter India Organics/Satva, gives us some insight about sustainable fashion and Satva

About the brand 'Satva' 

"Satva is a US-based brand, designed keeping in mind international trends, but proudly made in India. It has recently been launched in India due to the growing popularity of sustainable clothing in the country. Satva offers activewear that is stylish, yet socially-conscious clothing at affordable pricing, to a fashionable audience that is beginning to make more environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices. Made from the purest certified organic cotton and complemented with modern prints and designs, Satva offers organic tops, leggings, bralettes and jackets. Our target audience is typically between the ages of 21 to 50  years."

"SATVA’s parent company Suminter India Organics is one of the world’s largest exporters of certified organic raw material/cotton globally and a highly regarded, environmental and socially conscious company. It is this cotton that goes into our clothes."

Sustainable fashion: Present and Future
"We are confident about the future - while our target audience is small, it's growing steadily, and we see a lot of brand loyalists who swear by what Satva has to offer. We currently retail online through our website, in.satvaliving.com, as well as fashion websites such as Nykaa Fashion, Myntra and Jabong. We are also present in exclusive fitness centers and stores across the country such as Yoga House, Sayoga, Organic World and plan to increase this reach to Large Format Stores as well. This helps us reach audiences that are younger and shop online, which has worked well for us so far. However we're also excited about the opportunities that present themselves through our on-ground presence, as we find new audiences and customers every day, as a result."

India's understanding of organic wear and the changes in the fashion market

"The organised apparel market in India is only 20 per cent of the total, which is estimated at $45 billion. Organic apparel accounts for less than 1 per cent of the organised apparel market. While on one hand, the concept is gaining popularity, on the other hand, there is a perception that organic apparel comes with a premium price tag. There is also limited awareness of its benefits across the masses. of its benefits. Globally, the market is much bigger and the ‘organic wear’ segment is probably one of the success stories in the promotion of the sustainability movement."

"Currently, the market size of the organic apparel market in India is around ₹540 crore, and it is restricted to urban, upscale customers who pay premium pricing — usually at least 1.5 times the rates of similar clothes made from regular cotton."

"Having said that, awareness is rapidly increasing among the youth who are moving towards more sustainable fashion options."

Sustainable fashion has a long way to go in India, but slowly and steadily, people are consciously trying to move towards organic, environmental friendly options.