Fashion Influencer: All you need to know about the PR-cum-fashionista 'Jainam Vora'

Fashion Influencer: All you need to know about the PR-cum-fashionista 'Jainam Vora'

Name of the blogger: Jainam Vora

DOB: January 23, 1993

City:  Mumbai

Social media handles: Instagram, FacebookYoutubeTwitterHelo, and Tiktok

Active since: 3 years

Campaign links: Novotel Hotel, Fossil, Asics

Being born & raised in Mumbai, Vorasahab (as popularly known on Instagram) has made a mark for himself as an influencer by working passionately across sectors with multiple brands - both well-known & nascent. A PR enthusiast by profession and an influencer by passion, Jainam Vora has established his presence as a fashion, travel, & lifestyle influencer across all social media platforms and believes in creating his own unconventional style and identity in this cluttered market of influencers. With more than three years of work experience in Public Relations and even more as an influencer, he is now being identified as a strong collaborator who adds a lot more value to brands by delivering content rather than just creating visibility.

Worked with national and global brands like Aldo, Fossil, UCB, Being Human, GAP, Fossil, MCDowells, Lays, Levis, Miniso, Bombay Shaving Company, The Man Company, JCB Salons, GAP, Rayban, Benetton, Dyson, Being Human, Vans, Converse and many more.

In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, Jainam Vora shares his journey of becoming successful...

What made you take a decision to be a blogger/influencer?

I started my career as a PR professional, and always had a knack for fashion as well. The dream of becoming an influencer started way back in college when I participated in a competition during my graduation days. My first ever! Call it luck (along with a bit of hardwork), I won it and as a winner, I was offered to do a photoshoot with one of the renowned photographers. That was the first time I ever faced the camera. All excited I posted the pictures on my social media handles and I was thrilled to see the number of likes I got on my pictures. This motivated me so much that I started styling myself from my own wardrobe and started shooting with my photographer friends. Luckily, the pictures started coming out and helped me.

Soon there were a few brands who started approaching me offering their products, where they said I could keep the product if I tag them and I happily agreed. (Who doesn’t like free fashionable products when you’re struggling). This is how the idea of collaborating with brands came up and it all started.

What is your motivation mantra?

The key to success is consistency.

What skills did you have to work on, during the initial days of blogging?

I started taking inspiration from international bloggers on how to pose, how to style, how to get clicked and also promote the brand. It takes a while to make a name but it's all in your hard-work. At the same time working with a team of good photographers and videographers is also crucial as they are the ones who make you look good.

What differentiates you from your other fellow bloggers/influencers?

Initially, I was finding names for my brand and tried some which would relate to clothes, style or fashion. But then I thought why not create my own brand identity, so I used my surname Vora and got myself Vorasahab. I like to experiment a lot, mostly in my comfort zone. I prefer creating unique styles that are simple yet attractive and like to try out all kinds of prints, colours. To cut it short, I love staying in vogue always!

What according to you is fashion?

Forget the rules, if you like it, then you wear it.

Define your Style Quotient...

Dress like you are walking the ramp every day, keeping it classy, simple yet comfortable.

Difficulties you faced and have overcome, over the years?

I always had difficulties in balancing my work life and passion for creating content, but then I started planning and scheduling my time which helped me in maintaining my focus on both.

What is the one interesting and challenging aspect of being an influencer/blogger?

The one interesting thing about being an influencer is that you can experiment your creativity and put it at its best use while working with different brands and products and the challenging aspect is to find locations in the metro city when you have to shoot for different products.

One platform you have consciously stayed away from... and why?

I tried staying away from Tiktok for a long time due to time constraints, but I have recently joined and started creating content there as well.

What makes you say 'no' to a brand/client?

Sometimes it’s the client brief and most of the times it’s the budget.

Three bloggers who you think are doing really well in the space

As an influencer, I feel that Vaibhav Keswani (Pehnawah), Shakti Yadav (TheFebruaryBoy), Sayan Bakshi (TheOrangePistles) are doing really well.

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