Bombay HC announces complete ban on use of sound systems/DJ during Ganpati Visarjan

Maharashtra government has also supported the decision to ban DJ systems during Ganpati Visarjan


In its final verdict, Bombay High Court on Friday announced a complete ban on the use of DJ or sound systems during Ganpati Visarjan (immersion) because of the increasing noise pollution.

Earlier, while hearing the petition to release ban on sound systems during the celebration of immersion, Bombay HC had maintained its position and said that festivals will continue to come but the problem of noise pollution cannot be ignored. 

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Fearing for their business due to the ban, a petition was filed by Professional Audio and Lightning Association (PALA) challenging the same.

This decision comes after the State Government provided the High Court with its stance on the matter. Earlier, Bombay High Court had postponed the hearing till September 19. Maharashtra government on September 19 said that it supports the ban and stands with HC’s decision.

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