Christmas Eve and Midnight Mass: Here's your guide to attend the iconic tradition in Mumbai

In Mumbai and wish to attend midnight mass? Here are five churches in Mumbai that hold the most conventional yet iconic masses in the whole of Mumbai. Not to forget, each of these holy establishments are extremely ancient and dawned with artworks of sheer beauty.

Christmas Eve and Midnight Mass: Here's your guide to attend the iconic tradition in Mumbai

Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures with each having it’s own set of monuments holding historical, architectural and religious significance.

So, if you are looking for a traditional Christmas celebration with the midnight mass and feasts and everything in Mumbai, there’s a vibrant Catholic community which will cater to all your interests.

Here are five churches in Mumbai where you could go for a midnight mass.

Quick tip? All the churches in Mumbai are super busy on Christmas Eve, so I suggest you reach early to save some space for yourself.

1) Holy Name Cathedral, Colaba

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Built to replace the older church in Buleshwar, the Holy Name Cathedral is as palatial as a place of worship that opened its doors in 1905 can be. Decorated with an array of artwork, the Cathedral is also known as Wodehouse Church.

A full ceremonial Christmas mass is held on Christmas Eve live broadcast throughtout the state. The mass can hold nearly 3,000 people.

When to attend: On Christmas Eve when the Cathedral Choir starts singing carols from 9:30 pm.

Where: 19 Nathalal Parekh Marg/Wodehouse Road (opposite the YMCA), Colaba.


2) Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Fort

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This tall white church is renowned for its award winning stained glass work. The church is the first Anglican one in Mumbai and opened its doors for worship on Christmas, 1718 but for the benefit of the British Colonies.

When to attend: On Christmas Eve when carol singing starts at 9:30 pm, followed by mass at 10.30 p.m.

Where: Veer Nariman Road (near Horniman Circle Gardens and Flora Fountain), Fort.

Contact: (22) 2202 4482

3) Saint Michael’s Church, Mahim

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One of the oldest Catholic churches in India, the church is believed to have been built way back in the 16th century. However, the present structure was constructed in 1973. Also, on Christmas Eve, the footpaths are filled with quaint little shops selling pretty little things.

When to attend: On Christmas Eve when the carol singing begins at 11:00 pm.

Where: Corner of Lady Jamshedji Road Road and Mahim Causeway (opposite Mahim Bus Depot), Mahim.

Contact: (22) 2445 4483

4) Mount Mary’s Basilica, Bandra

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Bandra West has streets that replicate Goa. With the majority of Christians in Mumbai having their ancestral homes in Bandra, attending the Christmas mass here can never be a miss. As the name suggests, the church sits on top of a small hill overlooking the ocean, hence situated near Bandstand. The current building is around 100 years old but as the Legend says, the statue of mother Mary dates back to the 16th century. 

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When to attend: On Christmas Eve, when the carols go on till midnight because the mass takes place indoors.

Where: Mount Mary Road, Near Bandstand, Bandra West.


5) Lady Of Immaculate Conception, Borivali

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This one’s again one of the oldest churches in Mumbai. Situated in the suburbs of Mumbai, lady of Immaculate Conception is known to hold an extremely popular mass on its grounds.

With more the 12,000 people attending the church mass in the recent years, the church holds a really conventional mass.

When to attend: On Christmas Eve when the carols begin at 9:30 pm.

Where: IC Colony (off Laxman Mhatre Rd), Borivali West.


However, most midnight masses end before midnight due to noise restrictions in the neighbourhoods in Mumbai. You could still go ahead and enjoy while it lasts!

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So Mumbaikars, Wish you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!