Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Issues Guidelines For Bakri Eid

Against the backdrop of covid, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has issued certain guidelines for Bakri Eid celebrations.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Issues Guidelines For Bakri Eid

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation in the backdrop of coronavirus has brought into force certain guidelines for the Muslim brotherhood who will be celebrating Bakri Eid shortly. 

Set to be celebrated on 21 July 2021, it involves a customary sacrifice of small or large animals. Amidst the difficult times of covid, the authorities have urged citizens to celebrate the occasion in a simple manner. Considering the same, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has issued guidelines for the celebration of Bakri Eid which include:

  • All religious activities are banned in the state due to the contagious covid-19. Accordingly, the prayers offered for Bakri Eid should be performed at homes by the citizens and not at mosques, Eidgahs or public places.
  • Currently, operating livestock markets will remain closed. If the citizens want to buy animals, they should do so either online or by telephone. 
  • If possible, citizens should make symbolic sacrifices. 
  • The level of restrictions for Breaking the Chain dated 04/06/2021 will be applied and other restrictions will remain in place as per the instructions issued from time to time or thereafter. On the occasion of Bakri Eid, no relaxations will be made. 
  • Citizens should not gather or crowd at public places on the occasion of Bakri Eid.
  • It will be mandatory to comply with the rules prescribed by the authority, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Also, if any further instructions are issued post this circular, and between the actual commencement of the festival, they will have to be complied with. 
  • The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation was earlier temporarily allowing community slaughterhouses in various parts of the city, but this year, considering the prevalence of coronavirus, no temporary slaughterhouses will be permitted.

The occasion is urged to be celebrated in a simple manner in accordance with the guidelines issued by the authority. The Municipal Commissioner, Abhijit Bangar has appealed to all to take care and ensure that there isn't any crowd anywhere.

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