BMC claims of zero illegal Ganpati mandals in Mumbai

The Maharashtra state government had stated during the hearing on Wednesday that there were more than 300 illegal Ganpati pandals in the city. However, BMC claims otherwise.

BMC claims of zero illegal Ganpati mandals in Mumbai

On Friday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) claimed at a Bombay High Court hearing that this year, there are no illegal Ganpati Mandals in Mumbai. However, during a hearing on Wednesday, the state government told the court that more than 300 Ganpati mandals in the city were illegal. In response, the municipal corporation had raised an objection.

During several festivals and occasions including Ganesh Chaturthi, several mandals are seen on the road which have been constructed illegally. These mandals cause a lot of inconvenience to people due to which, several petitions were filed in the Bombay High Court.

After the petitions were filed, the court during a hearing, ordered the state government and the municipal corporation to ensure that no illegal Ganpati mandals are constructed. In case, if any defaulters were found, the court had ordered penalising them and taking appropriate action accordingly.

BMC explained that there are no illegal mandals in Mumbai and out of the 79 illegal mandals, 20 mandals have been penalised. And out of the other illegal mandals in the suburbs, 44 are on private property and slum areas whereas the rest five are on government land.

Accordingly, the court has questioned the state government and has asked clarification regarding the same.

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