‘Obey the verdict, won’t follow’

‘Obey the verdict, won’t follow’

SC orders have been welcomed by many parties. Most of the places in Mumbai Dahi-handi was celebrated as per the judjment. MNS defied apex court's orders and went on to announce prize money for every group who scale above 20ft. Dadar's Jai Hanuman group broke handi by ascending over ladder. Whereas Bala Hanuma Govinda group wore black bands, to protest apex court's order. Konkan Nagar govinda of Dadar chose a very unique way of protesting, they lied on road and formed human pyramid of 9 level. Actions to be taken against govinda group who breached SC's orders. Indeed Govindas & political parties had their chance outsmarting the rules in strange manner, rules were violated but with due respect.

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