Police need to be 'Police' !

Police need to be 'Police' !

Be the type of person that when your feet touch the floor in the morning the devil says, "Holy shit.... they're up". Our Maharashtra Policemen were like that in the past, but their integrity, their fear, their command is weakning with every passing day. Gone the days when Mumbai Police were ranked highest when it comes to security of Mumbaikars, the condition of Mumbai Police is upside down in present. It has forced policemen to ask themselves what glorified their Khakee uniform and the badges which shouts about their courage.Whereas Policemen of other metropolitan cities are commanding people holding their heads high.
The death of martyr constable Vilas Shinde & a series of similar events occuring to traffic policemen has put forth a question, Why there is no law in the city? Why law enforcers are beaten? If the condition of road is taken into consideration, it has been the same full of potholes, traffic jams, honking of four & two wheelers vehicles, etc. Who were held accountable for this, traffic policemen & BMC but policemen are the ones to face the wrath of citizens.
The series of events where policemen are thrashed  showcased in the media is trending nowadays. People are no more afraid of Khakee uniform. Every passing day violation of traffic rules is increasing, politicians, youth bike riders, aristocrats & bureaucrats are jumping signals over signals, while our policemen stand tongue-tied. 
"All men are created equal, Then few become Police officers."Time has come, when Maharashtra Police should bounce back to regain their lost power & magnanimous identity. 

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