Mumbai gets its freakiest ice cream flavour yet..can you guess it?


Other cities can stake claim to green chilli ice creams and ginger ice creams. But it is only in Mumbai, or more precisely, in Dadar - the heart of Mumbai - that an innovative ice cream flavour that beats them all hollow, has just been born. 

The festival of Holi is incomplete without the Puran poli - the jaggery filled, elaichi spiked roti that's best eaten with a dollop of melting ghee on top. This dessert, or main course, as you see fit, has been now turned into an ice cream by Aaswaad Restaurant, the go-to destination of the Mumbaikar for typical Maharashtrian cuisine.

Dadar’s Aaswad hotel has always been known for its variety of dishes but it appears to have outdone itself this time. On the occasion of Holi, Aaswad hotel owner Suryakant Sarjoshi introduced the puran poli ice cream. And although it was introduced to mark the Holi festival, one will get to buy it post Holi festival as well. One will be able to buy this dessert by weight as well, apart from the usual cups and cones. 

Looks like the taste of Holi is going to linger in the air a fair while longer this year!

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