Dasheri Mango misses Guinness world record by whisker

     Dasheri Mango misses Guinness world record by whisker
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    With the temperature soaring with every passing day, the craving for ripe mangoes is growing simultaneously. Who doesn’t love mango? Mango is synonymous with the summer season for the fruit lovers.

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    There are various kinds of mangoes available in different shape and size. From mangoes that are small as balls to large ones which weigh more than two-three kilogram. In Uran, a full grown mango was measured 30 cm which is 0.48cm short of the mango which holds Guinness world record. Has it been 1 cm long the record would have been broken? The mango, of the dasheri type, took 5 years to grow.

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    The heaviest mango weighed 3.4 kg and was presented by Sergio and Maria Bodiongan (Philippines). The mango was of Florida Keitt variety. It measured 30.48 cm.

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