Unbearable heat spells trouble for Mumbai Residents

    Unbearable heat spells trouble for Mumbai Residents
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    The weather gods are likely to bring in intense heat and it is predicted that the temperature will only rise to a good 41 degrees in the next 2 days. On the other hand, although the temperature recorded was 35 degrees Celsius, but the heat wave appears to have only spelled its inherent share of trouble.

    As per Krishnanand Hosalikar of the Regional Meteorological Centre that the city may experience hot blows of the wind in the next 48 hours. He further added that a rise in the temperature may be seen as a heat wave is expected to flow in from the eastern region of Gujarat. Doctors, along with officials from weather department recommend that all the possible measures should be undertaken so as to escape the adverse effects of the heat wave. For this, it is advised that people consume at least three and a half liters of water on a daily basis. Moreover, it is imperative that people carry an umbrella while moving out in the sun and where loose-fitting clothes so as to protect themselves and feel all cool.

    Further, you can resort to the following measures so as to escape the intolerable heat:

    • Cover your head and face with a soft cotton cloth before leaving home. Moreover, apply the paste of raw mango on your feet and consume a lot of coconut water, tomato chutney and other fruit juices so as to maintain the levels of sugar and glucose in your body.
    • It is recommended that you take light food during your meals and consume a lot of curd.
    • Do not drink cold water as soon as you come home from the scorching heat.
    • Make sure that you keep drinking water at different intervals so as to keep yourself completely hydrated during the day.
    • Don’t go out in the sun on an empty stomach. Having vegetable soup works just right to keep the body hydrated.
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