Starbucks introduces 'Nitro Coffee Brew' on tap in India

The newest entrant in its signature Cold Brew, the American coffeehouse has now rolled out nitrogen-infused coffee for the first time in India


Starbucks has taken its signature Cold-Brew to an entirely new level with its newest addition in the category. As the next chapter of coffee innovation, the American coffeehouse chain has rolled out Nitrogen-infused coffee under the moniker Nitro Coffee Brew, each cup of which takes 48 hours of making and is a marvel for adventurous coffee-drinkers.

Under the counter is a single keg of cold-brew coffee; one line runs to the plain cold-brew tap, and the other line gets infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles as it pours out of the nitro tap. Regular Cold-Brew comes out as you’d expect: plain, deep-brown, cold coffee.

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As the nitro pours out, it cascades into the cup, separating a bit into darker and lighter brew, with a thick, foamy top—it looks a lot like a Guinness beer having a similar texture, served up unsweetened without ice. That’s a Nitro Coffee Brew for you!

The refreshing Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, another entrant on the Cold Brew list is also something you must definitely try. It is essentially Cold Brew over ice, topped with a house‐made vanilla sweet cream floating on top of the beverage before slowly cascading down for an eye‐catching effect.

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The Nitro Coffee Brew is exclusively available at the Kamala Mills outlet in Mumbai. We’re totally in for a coffee-beer breakfast! If you haven’t tried this nitro-wonder yet, you’re missing out!

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