Lokomades: A Sweet Greek Explosion Comes To Mumbai

Brain child of Chandni Patel and Nikhita Dalal, Lokomades is a new introduction to Bandra which offers a unique Greek dessert called 'Loukoumades' which can be translated simply as 'sweet dough balls of happiness'

Lokomades: A Sweet Greek Explosion Comes To Mumbai

Lokomades, a new addition to Bandra's F&B scene, brings to Mumbai authentic Greek Loukoumades - a dessert worthy of being served in heaven. As legend has it , during the first Olympic games, these crispy fried dough traditionally spiced with cinnamon in a honey syrup were offered to Gods and the winners as their prize. These freshly cooked, fried bundles of joy have everything you’d love  in a dessert, it's crispy on the outside & a great surprise injected in the center, topped with a choice of sauce, nuts and fruits. Bite into the crunch & experience the overwhelming blast in your mouth. 


We went over and had a few bites of the savoury and sweets they had to offer. We tried the Patatas (₹181)  - a large 6-inch potato baked, slit, mashed with cheese & butter stuffed with your favorite choice of veggies & sauce such as cheese, mayonnaise, chipotle, chilly garlic,  barbeque , mustard and more.


Another option in the savoury list are french fries! The Smokey Pizza fries (₹152) were crisp, perfectly seasoned and set us up good for the mainshow! THE DESSERT!

You can choose from a plethora of options with sumptuous flavours and combinations of lokoumades with classic options such as The Sugar Rush and Honeylicious along with Modern options being White chocolate funfetti, Milk Chocolate, Oreo, Dark Galaxy and Hula Hoop. The options for the ‘Next Generation’ are Red Velvet, Cheesecake, Brownie, Tongue Twixer, Sneaky Snickers and the chef recommended Nutella Strawberry Bliss and Marshmallow Blueberry cheesecake.

We tried the Marshmallow Blueberry Cheesecake (₹238) and were asked to pop the entire Loukoumade at one go as there's a lot going on in that fried dough ball with white ganache, cream cheese, marshmallow and sprinkles. After you eat one, there's an explosion of happiness in your mouth with the texture of fried dough ball and flavour of Blueberry, cream cheese and white ganache just mixing perfectly to satisfy your sweet tooth to the core. This dessert is something unique and a brilliant addition to our city where food is more than just something we eat for survival. Copper Chimney Opens Its Newest Outlet In Bandra

Marshmallow Blueberry Cheesecake 
If you're looking to try a new dessert post lunch or dinner, trying a Loukoumade at Lokomades is definitely recommended. Wouldn't go there for just the savouries, as we can skip them and save a lot of space for the dessert.

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Mumbai Live interacted with the founders (Chandni Patel and Nikhita Dalal) of Lokomades, and got some insight from them on their brand new venture.

Idea behind Lokomades

"Lokomades was born out of a fun girls trip that I took to Greece and Turkey with Chandni a year and half ago. Both of us are foodies and love to explore a country by its food. What fascinated us on the streets of Greece were this heavenly combination of crispy dough bubbles swimming in a pool of sugary goodness. As the locals choose to have it like a sweet snack on the go, we thought it could be something more."

Designing the menu keeping Mumbaikars in mind

"Keeping the classics in mind we came back and played around with our favourite flavour combinations. And as it turns out, our baby Lokomades is absolutely delicious, In fact Loko-licious as we love to call it.

With reference to flavours we always wanted to keep having fun with them. We have tried various combinations of chocolates,  ganache, fruits , cheese and created a menu that is supremely sinful.

We thought of injecting these little balls of bliss , for a refreshing taste. That's how we ask our customers to try the dessert - pop ,bite, blast in your mouth. The crunchy and gooey texture makes u want to have some more. We wanted to keep the essence of a Lokomade intact while giving the city something to indulge into. We have created various combinations to appeal to the palate of chocolate lovers."

Founder's Favourite

"Cheesecake lokos has been my first love and the city has seemed to be enjoying this sweet and fruity to light and creamy indulgent dessert.
We wanted to give the city a new way to enjoy their cheesecake . And the Blueberry and Red velvet lokomades variants do just that!" 

Average Cost: ₹300 for two people (approx.) 

Location: Shop 1, Ground Floor, Silver Croft CHS Limited, Junction of 16th and 33rd Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

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