Mumbai gets 'Bun & Only' as a new destination for burger cravings

'Bun & Only' is a joint venture started by food lovers Sameer Uttamsingh and Shantanu Mohite, and the duo focuses on offering gourmet burgers that heighten one's burger-eating experience.

Mumbai gets 'Bun & Only' as a new destination for burger cravings

2020 has not been a happy year for everybody, however, we all need reasons to lift our spirits. One of the important factors for people to enjoy the lockdown was food, however, people across the world missed eating outside and fulfilling their soul. 

Amidst the lockdown,  which focuses on offering gourmet burgers that not help battle the pandemic blues but also heighten your burger-eating experience. The team is planning to offer a range of burger which helps cater to both FOMO and JOMO, with experiential burgers as the perfect feast for the senses. 

'Bun & Only' was started by Sameer Uttamsingh, a veteran of 20 years in the Bombay restaurant scene. He has set up and scaled several successful and award-winning food and beverage businesses in the city. Joining him in this venture as co-founder is Shantanu Mohite, who is equally passionate about food and intends to offer a meaningful and redefining experience suited to every craving of burger loyalists. The two share a hunk-a-hunk of sincere love for gourmet burgers. So, they decided to come together and partner to launch ‘Bun & Only’. It stems out of the culinary passion they have developed while globetrotting, one burger joint at a time. 

The brains behind the menu are Chef Gracian de Souza who has 18 years of work experience in India and the UK, predominantly trained in modern European Cuisine. He has crafted this menu with his deep-rooted knowledge of using fresh and local produce as much as possible, stressing on quality & consistency.  With Bun & Only, every single one of their gourmet elements - right from the bread to fillings and even sauces are made in-house.

With a nuanced focus on the filling to bun ratio, they intend to offer something unique that heightens your burger-eating experience. They are on a mission to be the one-stop-shop with mouth-watering creations that are affordable, gourmet and global. 

The star burgers from the Menu are The Portobello & Blue Cheese - Grilled portobello mushroom with blue cheese crumble with tomato relish and fermented sauerkraut plays a starring role in the vegetarian section.  For non-vegetarians they are introducing the Pulled Pork & Barbecue made of 6 hours braised pulled pork tossed with homemade barbeque sauce topped with burnt butter bacon mayonnaise.

The menu also consists of hotshot signatures like the Classic Chicken & Cheddar, the Black Bean & Guacamole, Lamb & Mint, and Camembert & Apple amongst other varieties. They will even serve special rolls such as Brioche Rolls stuffed with butter-poached prawns or Chilli Con Carne Chicken and jalapeño salsa. Their peri-peri with lemon zest fries and parmesan truffle fries are the perfect accompaniment.

The pricing ranges between INR 350 to INR 500 a meal, which will include the burger, portion of fries, in-house ketchup.