Are you risking your health for rusk?

Food colour is used to make maida rusk look like wheat

Are you risking your health for rusk?

Many people enjoy their chai with rusk often dipped in the beverage. Many love eating it as it is. However, is rusk healthy? Let's find out. 

Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, nutritionist and diabetes educator, and founder of The Health Pantry says rusk is nothing but a baked blend of refined flour, sugar, cheap oils, extra gluten and a couple of food additives that are potentially harmful too. 
She further adds this combination is harmful to health is that each of these ingredients will either spike blood glucose levels or  increase inflammation or do both. 

Also, those who control their sugar levels in their diet but love eating rusk can exceed their usual day’s sugar intake by just having two rusks. 

According to Tiberwala, daily or frequent consumption of rusk leads to unstable glucose levels and systemic inflammation. It also promotes the growth of bad bacteria in the gut leading to less immunity, inadequate digestion and absorption of nutrients, and unnecessary food cravings.

Another problem is food colour which is usually done to make the rusk with maida look more like wheat and give it a baked look. 

If you still want to enjoy rusk, look for 100 per cent whole wheat or 100 per cent semolina rusk. Always control the food portion and read the labels before buying the product. 

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