IDIA Football League 2023 to be held in Mumbai

This year's IFL will unfold at Astro Park, in Bandra, on October 7th and 8th. The coveted IFL Trophy and IFL Plate will be the ultimate prizes that teams aim to secure.

IDIA Football League 2023 to be held in Mumbai

In an eagerly awaited announcement, the Indian Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy (IDIA) has revealed the forthcoming sixth edition of the IDIA Football League 2023 (IFL). This annual fundraising football extravaganza brings together law firms and corporate legal teams, and it is set to take place in Mumbai on October 7th and 8th, 2023. 

A report published in the Bar and Bench stated that this year's IFL will unfold at the illustrious Astro Park, situated within the St. Stanislaus Sports Complex in the heart of Bandra, Mumbai. The choice of venue is poised to elevate the tournament's grandeur, offering top-notch facilities and a vibrant atmosphere for players and spectators alike.

6-A-Side Showdown: Teams Compete for Glory

The IFL, renowned for its dynamic format, will once again feature a 6-a-side tournament. Approximately 20 teams, each comprising 10 skilled players, will vie for supremacy on the field. The coveted IFL Trophy and IFL Plate will be the ultimate prizes that teams aim to secure, marking their names in the annals of IFL history.

First conceptualized by IDIA in 2014, IFL is not merely a football tournament but a charitable endeavor with a purpose. Its inception aimed to unite legal professionals in the spirit of sportsmanship while championing a noble cause—providing students from underprivileged backgrounds with access to quality legal education. The funds raised from the IFL consistently serve this purpose by sponsoring the legal education of deserving IDIA Scholars at various prestigious law institutions.

Networking Opportunities and IFL's Remarkable Growth

Beyond the fierce competition on the field, the IFL offers a unique opportunity for players, IDIA teams, scholars, and well-wishers to interact with luminaries from the legal field. Additionally, they can engage with IDIA scholars, fostering mentorship and inspiration for aspiring legal professionals. Since its inception in 2014, the IFL has witnessed remarkable growth, evolving from its humble beginnings to a grand spectacle. It now attracts around 200 players organized into 20 teams, all vying for the prestigious titles of IFL Champions and IFL Plate winners.

Registeration Details for IFL 2023

IDIA extends a warm invitation to all interested parties to register and become part of this exciting event. So far, fourteen teams have confirmed their participation in the sixth edition of IFL. For those eager to participate but lacking a team, the option to join the IDIA Well-wishers' team is available, with an entry fee of ₹5000, which covers refreshments, jerseys, and event photographs. Each participating team, including the IDIA Well-wishers' team, is guaranteed a minimum of four matches. These matches comprise three league-stage games and at least one knock-out stage match. Matches are expected to last a little over 15 minutes each, with two halves of 7 minutes, and a 2-minute break in between. Unlimited rolling substitutions are permitted, allowing players to take strategic breaks as needed.

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