11 Coronavirus Suspects Flee From Navi Mumbai Hospital

This is the third incident in Maharashtra wherein the suspects have ran away with the other 2 being in Nagpur. These 11 people had returned from Dubai where and were kept in isolation wherein their test results were awaited.

11 Coronavirus Suspects Flee From Navi Mumbai Hospital

11 Coronavirus suspects, who had a travel history from Dubai have taken off. They had been kept in an isolation ward in a civic-run hospital in Navi Mumbai. This is the third such incident in Maharashtra wherein the suspects have run away. Earlier a news report had mentioned that 2 people from Nagpur had gone missing while their tests were awaited. Coming back to these 11 people, who had returned from Dubai, they had been kept in isolation and their test results were awaited.

It has been reiterated time and again that COVID-19 is spreading through human to human contact. In order to control the same, it is imperative to have people who are suspects be placed under quarantine so that they don't give it to others that they come in contact with. Also, all this while that they are missing, they may end contaminating a large amount of population. 

As soon as they returned from their trip to Mumbai, they had shown symptoms of Coronavirus and therefore they were immediately kept in isolation. However, within two hours of placing in isolation, they went absconding and the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Navi Mumbai Police have swung into action and are trying to hunt them and also finding who all they may have come in contact within this time frame.

One of the first person to have fled under such circumstances was the wife of Google techie. The newly married couple had been to Italy for their honeymoon. After her husband tested positive, she was kept in isolation for further test. However, she fled from the scene and went back to Agra and took a flight, train and cabin doing so. 

There was another coronavirus suspected case, who has escaped from a hospital in Darbhanga, Bihar. So far there are 40 people who have tested positive in Maharashtra. Out of these, a 65-year has lost his life today died at Kasturba hospital. The doctors are yet to rule whether he died because of coronavirus or due to any other ailment. 

As per the Indian Health Ministry, in India, there are 137 people that have tested positive. The death toll in India due to COVID-19 is three and also includes the person that died in Maharashtra this morning.

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