61-year-old organ donor saves three lives

61-year-old organ donor saves three lives

Awareness about organ donation is catching up amongst people who are now willingly coming ahead for donation. Recently, a 61-year old who was suffering from a brain hemorrhage ended up saving three lives.

A 61-year-old man was admitted to Saifee hospital owing to a brain hemorrhage. Unfortunately, he passed away after a couple of days. 

He was declared brain-dead after spending two days in an ICU. We then approached his family and told them about organ donation and they agreed,” Dr. Shabina Khan, Saifee hospital.

The liver was sent to a 24-year-old patient who was suffering from fulminant hepatic failure at Apollo Hospital who got a new lease of life. Also, a kidney transplant was carried out in Saifee Hospital. Likewise, the other kidney was donated to a patient who was on a waiting list of Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee at Fortis Hospital.

Apart from this, his corneas were donated to B H Bachooali Charitable Ophthalmic & ENT Hospital. Dr. Shabina Khan added that it took them 12 hours to convince them for an organ donation which proved fruitful to three patients who were on the verge of dying.

Organ donations in last two years
2015 - 42 organ donations
37 liver, 72 kidney, and 5 heart transplants were done

2017 - 33 organ donations
40 kidney, 29 liver, 20 heart transplant