World Blood Donor Day: National recipient blood donor Ratnesh Gupta has donated more than 150 times!

Suffering from pancreatic cancer, educates people on blood donation

World Blood Donor Day: National recipient blood donor Ratnesh Gupta has donated more than 150 times!

Heroes are those who save people’s lives and help them when they are in distress. Then there are superheroes who go beyond their limits to help, giving less importance to their lives and striving hard to make others' lives better.

One such man is 65-year-old Ratnesh Gupta, who has donated blood more than 150 times. On the occasion of World Donor Day, Mumbai Live brings you the story of a man, who is now suffering from pancreatic cancer, yet he is doing what he believes in, creating awareness about blood donation.

About Ratnesh Gupta

65-year-old Thane resident Ratnesh Gupta lives with his wife and two children.

An accident that changed his life 

Ratnesh Gupta exactly doesn't remember when he decided to donate blood but what he remembers is, he was in school the day he pledged to do the same.

He was in school when he found out that a man is in need of blood and was admitted to Ghatkopar’s hospital. Gupta, who likes to help people out without giving it much thought, rushed to the hospital and donated blood. He didn’t know his blood type nor he knew which blood type was needed. He only wanted to save the man’s life at that point. Fortunately, the man who was in need of blood survived as Gupta’s blood group was B-negative. When Gupta found out about his rare blood group, he pledged that he would save people’s lives. Every three months, he donated his blood and he did the same over 150-times.

National award recipient

Retired factory officer Ratnesh Gupta has bagged three national awards, Shramveer Award, State government’s best worker award, and Central Labour Minister National Award.

Suffering from Pancreatic Cancer

Ratnesh Gupta, who donated blood for 35-years had to stop donating as he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For the last two years, he is suffering from stage-4 cancer. The repercussions were such that it also affected his mouth, for which he had to undergo an oral surgery. Now, Ratnesh can hardly talk but he sees to it that he motivates others to donate blood.

I am very happy that I donated blood. Now, I cannot do it and I feel very bad about it. But, until I am alive, will educate people about blood donation importance,” Ratnesh Gupta.

Mumbai Live salutes Ratnesh Gupta’s selflessness and unique heroism.

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