After Slums, BMC Now Focusing on Curbing COVID-19 in Mumbai’s High-Rise Buildings

After Slums, BMC Now Focusing on Curbing COVID-19 in Mumbai’s High-Rise Buildings

As per data provided by the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), there has been a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases from high-rises and residential buildings across the city. It is said that cases from such residential buildings have increased by 108% in over a month. Slums and other low-lying areas are reporting a 60% increase in cases, the civic body’s data reveals.

Officials mentioned that several housing societies that remained locked for outsiders during the initial stages of the outbreak have now eased most of those restrictions with frequent visitors to the buildings and even visits by housemaids. It is said that residents are also heading out for non-essential tasks, thus contributing to the spread of the virus on a large scale.

The reopening of the economy, particularly offices, has also meant that the likelihood of contracting the virus is higher given that office employees come in contact with several people on any given day. 

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BMC’s data shows that a total of 4,538 buildings containing 8.03 lakh residents were sealed by the civic body as of June 9. Recent data published on July 17 reveals that the number of sealed buildings have jumped to 6,235.

It is further revealed that a total of 20,735 COVID-19 positive cases have been reported from these buildings that are home to a total of 9.33 lakh people. It’s worth mentioning that 10,779 cases were reported from these buildings in a little over a month.  

A senior civic official said - There has been a shift in the area from which cases are emerging. After a rigorous focus on slum pockets, we have managed to control the spread in those areas. However, with residents of high-rises moving around due to the unlocking, more cases are emerging from there.”

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