1 Rupee Clinic re-opens at Thane station as an Automatic Pathology Lab

For the first time, the Automatic Pathology Lab will run solely on machines and the patients will get discount on the tests done

1 Rupee Clinic re-opens at Thane station as an Automatic Pathology Lab

A few days ago, the Central Railway ordered to shut down 1 Rupee Clinic at railway stations saying that MBBS doctors were not present for as long as 24 hours which was a violation of rules. Several patients were facing difficulties due to the closure of the 1 Rupee Clinics. However, the founder has decided to open the clinic but with a new name 'Automatic Pathology Lab' which was thrown open to the public on Saturday from 7:00 am.

Here, there will be no doctors or nurses and the tests will be carried out solely by the machines. Along with this, the lab will have six machines which will be available for 24 hours for the patients. The cost of these machines is expected to be ₹16 to ₹17 lakhs.

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In addition, a patient will be able to do more than 500 tests, that includes blood tests, urine, sputum, kidney, cancer, and others. Apart from this, a patient will get a discount on all tests done i.e. if a test costs ₹1000 in other labs, the same will cost half the price in an automatic lab.

Dr. Rahul Ghule, the Director of 1Rupee Clinic said that this will happen for the first time when labs will run with automated machines on the railway stations. He added that the clinic aims to provide better health services to people.

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