Railway orders EIGHT more '1 Rupee Clinics' to shut down

The 1 Rupee clinics across the Central Railway line have provided medical treatment to more than 50,000 patients.

Railway orders EIGHT more '1 Rupee Clinics' to shut down

After issuing closure notices to the popular 1 Rupee Clinic in Kurla and Ghatkopar, the Railway is now set to down the shutters of eight more clinics on the Central and Harbour line. The move inflicted a great financial loss to the doctors running these clinics and has also hit the patients.

Railway’s allegation was on the basis of the absence of 24x7 MBBS doctors at the clinics. As a result, six clinics of Dr Rahul Ghule and two clinics of AIIMS Hospital have remained shut since Friday.

With an increasing number of accidents on railway stations, Railways' decision to shut down the clinics is being challenged by Dr Ghule as the 1 Rupee Clinic is the primary institute where the victims can get aid. Dr Choughule from AIIMS Hospital also demands these clinics to be reopened by the railway.

Dr Ghule provided inexpensive medical service across 12 '1 Rupee Clinics' at Byculla, Dadar, Wadala, Matunga, Kurla, Titavala, Mumbra, Govandi, Ghatkopar, Vashi, Mulund and Thane railway stations. Similarly, AIIMS ran two clinics in Dombivli and Kalyan railway station.

The 1 Rupee Clinics across Mumbai have provided medical treatment to more than 50,000 patients. The clinics are being shut down due to not being able to maintain the quality of service. Clinics at Dombivli, Kalyan, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Wadala, Govandi, Vashi and Mulund have already been shut.

Dr Choughule has started a follow-up with the Railway to start the clinics again by abiding by the policies the Railways had laid down, that is, availability of MBBS doctors 24x7. He told Mumbai Live that MBBS doctors will be appointed at the clinics soon.

Dr Coughule expressed disappointment over Railway’s decision to shut the clinics even when they have been running on a financial loss. She said that the Railway has clearly overlooked the objective of the clinics which is solely to serve the sick.

We have asked for the Railways' permission to open a pharmacy since we cannot afford to hire MBBS doctors for all days of the week,” Dr Choughule, AIIMS Hospital

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