Mumbaikars impressed with Bike Ambulance Service, 232 cases treated in a month


In a busy city like Mumbai, infrastructure and services play significant roles. With increasing health related concerns, the city ambulances are not able to reach the ones in need due to the chaos and traffic spread across the city. Hence, with the objective of providing instant medical services to the needy and poor patients, the Health Department had recently started the ‘Bike Ambulance Project’ in Mumbai, which has proven to be successful and highly helpful.

This service began in Mumbai on August 2 and till date, this service has provided immediate medical aid to approximately 232 patients, in just a month. Mumbaikars have also responded positively to this project, said Health Minister, Dr. Deepak Sawant.

This service was extremely helpful for patients in distress. Out of 232, 32 unconscious patients, 25 were with breathing difficulty, 24 with heart problems, and 14 patients in the stomach were given treatment through Bike Ambulance.

This service was extremely helpful for patients who are in need to immediate treatment in densely-populated areas or in small lanes. Geographically, around 40 cases from the Charkop police station area, 37 cases in Goregaon film city area, 30 cases from Chita Camp area, 26 cases from Ashok hill area, 24 cases from Nagpada police station area, were treated successfully when in need.

Owing to its success, it is expected that the use of bike ambulance service will also see a rise in the coming months, as the patient gets services and aid as early as possible by merely dialing 108.

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