Consult doctor if dealing with depression, say Mumbaikars


The terms 'hectic lifestyle' and 'crazy working hours' are now synonymous with Mumbai. Almost everyone works beyond their shift timings and spends over two hours in daily commutes. The sad part is we have got so used to our crazy daily routines that we often fail to see the changes wrought by such a lifestyle in our bodies and minds. It's not a surprise that WHO's theme for this World Health Day is Depression. Mumbai Live spoke to Mumbaikars about the ‘not-so-spoken-subject’ depression to know their views about it. Almost all the Mumbaikars stated positive things about the depression. Many of them believed that people who are dealing with the disease should consult a doctor and should communicate more with their loved ones.

The Indian Medical Association, the representative body of doctors in the country, recently carried out a survey on depression, with the objective of spreading awareness regarding medication-related to depression.

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