Corona Warriors in Maharashtra eligible healthcare insurance worth ₹50 lakhs

Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit Pawar stated that employees who are working with the government to fight coronavirus are eligible for the aid where insurance cover of ₹50 lakhs will be provided in case of emergency.

Corona Warriors in Maharashtra eligible healthcare insurance worth ₹50 lakhs

The state government of Maharashtra has decided to provide an insurance cover of ₹50 lakhs to all government, private, contract, and outsourced employees along with civil servants and ad hoc employees who are performing their duties related to prevention and treatment of coronavirus. Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit Pawar said that the government has decided that in cases of the untimely death of a concerned employee, his family will be given a grant of ₹50 lakh by the state government, and the decision was taken in consultation with the Finance Department.

Pawar also said that many officers and staff members across several departments are performing their duties at risk by carrying out many responsibilities such as survey, search, tracking, taking preventive measures, testing, treatment, relief work and lot more. The state government is concerned about the safety of these employees as well as the future of their families and this important decision has been issued keeping these aspects in mind.

This scheme will benefit many workers, which include members of the healthcare sector, district administration, police, home guards, Anganwadi workers, members related to accounting and treasury, food and civil supplies, water supply and sanitation, and staff of other departments appointed for the door-to-door survey (daily, contract, outsourced, mental and ad hoc)

Though the scheme will be implemented in collaboration with an insurance company, this grant of ₹50 lakh will be given through the state government. In order to avail this benefit, the concerned employee must be present on duty for a minimum period of fourteen days before being admitted to the hospital due to coronavirus infection, and in cases of death, the same needs to be certified by the collector or the designated department head.

This scheme will be applicable until September 30, 2020. 

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